+112 Adelaide to Brisbane.

well yeap. I am in flight which is heading to Brisbane. As we have decided to go for Stanthorpe strawberry farm. Actually I am not sure this plan is perfect. Because we have to solve a lot of obstacles. Learning. Where we have to go? Though we decided this, little worries are arounding us. What... Continue Reading →



Actually I didn't want to write anymore in this blog. Because couldn't find out the reason of writing. Well yeap my English skill isn't perfect then for raising up the level, I must effort to practice it but didn't want it. But now I feel it's okay. Actually I didn't know why we have to... Continue Reading →

My Australia Working Holiday D+107 : Learned biggest lesson – Wait your soul by doing nothing.

I've learned important lesson. It's about to do nothing. Caring soul by stopping from everything. As silence offers a spiritual emotional recovery together. I've found the way how to be calm and emotionally stable. This is enormously helpful. For being happiness. I was unstable with my emotions. During almost whole life-journey, had to fight to... Continue Reading →

My Australia working holiday+104 : Ho.. fortunately.

Ho...yeah I got good news. I got some positive response from a commercial group. Hm... looks like a temporary position of cook for beginning racing event.  Since my goal has setted as getting a permanent visa, I am not that much into some general events. I do not feel that anymore.  And korean blog. There... Continue Reading →

My working holiday Australia+103 : nah should I wait?

the laptop isn't coming.  I am not sure it may to be stucked among icebergs. Ha.. very worse situation but I have decided to see bright aside from every moments. Because it'll help me to be long life. No stress no crazy, then happiness. Valentines D-day She brought two vines and banana bread. So i... Continue Reading →

My australia wworkingholiday D+102

Time is running. As we decided to go to Melbourne, I uploaded my notice which finds an one shift job. I have wanted to earn pocket money for save my budget.  So I got a calling from delivery service job. It's 5 pm which contacts with the guy. He left a message on my number... Continue Reading →

My australia working holiday D+101

Nah actually I don't like write down my detailed daily to here. Because everyone can see me what I do. It's awkard. But at the same time, I want communicate with people. then what can I do? My needs. We decide to go to Melbourne. Because there are more jobs. Not that competitive like this... Continue Reading →

My Working Holiday Australia D+99 : Love myself

​Every thing... unsure. I don't like this. I want to make something sure in mylife. It's up to me right? It's the me who would make that sure thing in his life. It should be myself. but, What sure will you make? Job? life? Whatever it is... It's your choice. Job, Life, Wife, whatever. Your... Continue Reading →


I think I got a job in Plant 4, bowden. since I have known about Nutrient, I thought the owner is totally same mind as me. and He liked my energy. I think yeah, My contact was successful because he wanted to introduce to me even his headchef. The place looks amazing and such cook.... Continue Reading →

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