Since we moved out from Stanthorpe.

There had happened too many episodes.

racial discrimination, Explosion because of too many stresses, To finish up our SSR trimming jobs.

Here I go to describe about them as one by one.

A river in Stanthorpe, we enjoyed some bottles near this river as finale in last night 

Racial Discrimination.

Actually, I don’t feel like that was a Racial Discrimination because in exact expression, that was linguistic Discrimination.

We got a problem because of that, with Supervisor.

Because we thought that got some discrimination in our jobs, even though we worked really hard.

However, according to the supervisor’s words, we had to ask when we didn’t get it, not just to pretend to understand.

for making sure, I do not want to say my behaviors were good because I made him hurt little. He has wanted to make good bond with us no matter what he has done for us in job. Then, I had to answer very well as his behavior but I addressed him some harsh words, so my behaviors made him feeling more pressure though he has felt tough from his job.

However, while we shared some harsh words on the table, we have learned from each other.

By the table’s argument, I learned some lesson, as I should start to speak with good and positive words when I must say about negative complaints.

In his way, he should had to understand why Asians do not ask more when they understood not sufficiently.

In that moment, I explained him about Asian’s cramming education system which is crossed most of east Asia countries. It made him understood why Asians not seem to re-ask well when they didn’t get the orders or tasks.

Actually, those talking were so productive in my brief. Even though, My gf said it was harsh and negative because I could seen our shared ideas were fulfilled each other, a little bit more.

Besides, while those periods, it happened through few weeks while we were suffered as mentally so sicked. In the end, just we concluded it’s better to decide to change our inhabitency. We have known it’s better to change our place or away from causes of pain.


Anyway, we quit that job and headed to here Bowen, with finish that trimming job. 

Ah, The SSR’s LSA supervisor signed our second form without any advantages, even though he promised us it’s would be included the day-off dates which was happened by insanely nonstop raining season.

In the result, even though we have trusted him that might get 30-40 days actual working dates, he wrote our actual dates as 29 just. It wasn’t his promise as done for us. We felt as to be cheated.

We’d never recommend to be hired by LSA for my friends.


However, That doesn’t mean this Bowen city is good to find a job as well.

Because of Debbie, the cyclone, that’s damaging was huge in this city. However, the problem was that we didn’t know it. I didn’t have a choice.

We found an advertisement from which is most biggest and very well activated community site for QLD inhabitants. That advertisement was uploaded by a Korean contractor.

Actually, a job from Korean Contractor isn’t recommendable. Besides we have known about that fact. However, we haven’t any other options, so just had to choose to come here as there are so hard to find some season-started region but only here.

We took a call to this contractor and tried to record his all suggestions as we were barely trusted Korean Contractor.

However, He seems a little bit trustful as not like other Korean Contractor in gossip.

First, He installed wifi in this accommodation as he promised,

Second, He discounted our housing fare as he promised through the call which was recorded by us.

Third, He has given us jobs as much as he could offer, though he is working under an another contractor who is Turkish.

At least, he seems to try to treat our relationship as fair works.

If not, we must prepare to report at Work Fair Ombudsman which is a department that very thoroughly deals unfair-work issue.

Besides, Today as well, He has announced that we might have a work after 12 days waiting. I know this announcement looks like unfair but because of the cyclone damage, there are not many plants which should be worked. We should have understood about this.


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