very funny

I had to change blog platform.

Actually I have used with Naver-blog. Even though, I wasn’t sure that is better than word press. WordPress is targetting for global visitor but naver does for Korean speakers only.

Why I kept use the Naver blog platform?

It was easy to write down. The main reason was linguistic reliability. Korean is my mother language. That’s why I felt so easy to use the naver blog. 

But I believe that’s not that much efficient with my purpose of blogging.

My reason to blog, it’s for communicating and expanding some opportunities which are able to give economical or beneficial effect. Such as to have some supporters. 

Besides, writing, the activity itself is so helpful for daily living.

As we know, writing is very beneficial. It makes to be creative, organize and to be inspired. In plain words, it makes to be smart. If you have the smart, you can choose productive or beneficial way for yourself. Yeah writing is the stuff to make you upgrade.


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