SSR, 3rd weeks, A lot happenings.

Actually too many happenes we have passen through. 

I mean, me and my gf. We got fight sometimes but love as well.

While we have grown up like this, got a lot happenings as well in SSR.

Already it passed 3 weeks from beginning. I got 21 days second working holiday visa counting through LSA agency.

The recruit manager, he has position as a supervisor but help workers always. He offered one day hourly work for workers as well.

Wow. Really a lot things happen, too many rains so day-offs and my gf’s tendon injury.

According to Marrec, who is a host my shared house. He said this season, it was really dry all the time before my arriving. During 2~3 months. So that wasn’t really usual in this city, Stanthorpe. 

But when we started this work, suddenly heavy-rains were dropped for 2~3 days. It was abnomal. Besides next weeks as well. So we had to rest and pray just let the rain go asap. When the rain comes, we don’t have work actually.
Well. But LSA they may keep support to us. If we left out from Stanthorpe, the SSR, they will incounter huge problem as unable to offer their plants to their customers.

And my gf got injury at her hands. 

Too many works with palms and tendons, she got pains with them. First of day, she said the feeling of palm is little stiff and swollen. She has seen mind with it.

Next few day, she said about feeling of num in her palm. She said the each part of fingers feel freezying and cold. When we reported this to supervisor, he said it’s ‘num’ what she feels. He advised some treatment as put enough hot water with salt. So we did, it looks good for a temporalily. But as I become to know by Dc Micael in My family hopital, he said tendon healed by cold or icy temperature because of it has activated with too many works. Therefore my gf palm needed cool down, not hot water. But somehow the hotwater worked for her temporalily.

However, she got really serious pain aftee few days of continued working. I saw her shed of tears because of that pain. She almost cried by that pain. She described the pain spreaded through the albow from palm. It became worse. 

We headed to go to supervisor to report this, he brought us to the shedmanager.

Fortunately, he prescribed with his knowledges, gave us next steps what we have to do. We visited a hospital in Stanthorpe, got figure out what is the problem. 

The Doctor, Mr Michael cared us, speaking slowly which enough to understand. He resolved our questions about this pains very kindly. Besides, he mentionned about work cover-insurance. It is the insurance to support when a worker injures by the company’s working.

He informed us about it.

Actually, we have worried about our budget because too many days-off made us to pay our live-cost without any incomes. But she could get supporting by work cover insurance. Furthermore, more than her wages. But I am not sure when it will be incomed.

We would see what will happen to us.


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