After SSR starting +4

Yeap it was sad. I found my mistakes from communication with her. What I mean is, It’s too sad, I made her regularly sad or negative because of my lack to listen or to feel by heart.

We love to get understanding from people through their heart, not their head, not their judgement we do not expect to take.

But, My way to communication with her, I feel that was most of times are judgement. It makes me so sad…

Always happiness is my wish for every moments, within every ones. Besides always I have felt that want to get sympathy not judgement, but the person whom judge to people, not understanding, it was me.

I feel truly so sad for myself and my love.

Why  I am so lack? How many people I have made them sad, to be judged. Oh.. My…

It’s terrible. No matter how much am I good quality of person, It doesn’t matter.

People gets happy by truly understanding within heart, not head.

I made sick on too many people. Especially for my gf.

I wonder what can I do for her. Do understanding her. Communicating within heart not head, feeling her.

This is my big issue though this posting is titled as SSR trimmer jobs.

French scanner, for him, My pitiful french is working to make him happy.


Anyway, I have to listen and feel for communication. By heart, not head.



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