+113 Stanthorpe SSR start

Wow I just jumped up longtemps of absense in this blog.

I have been really dynamic episodes. Besides, yesterday my gf got an accident as an electric shock. She leaned at a fence. But the fence is an electonic. She didn’t notice that for a while but got shock suddenly. But the volt wasn’t high degree, so fortunately. That was too scary. She just wanted some head massages and shoulder as well. Now she is okay.

That was really scary. 

I felt as losing her. 

We have came here for living better but encounter this kinds of accident, it’s really terrible and drop our self-esteem little bit by exposure to dangerous enviorment. We have never worked in 3d industry. I never wished it. It makes nervous.

What can we do?

Just have to do our best wherever we are. 


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