Actually I didn’t want to write anymore in this blog. Because couldn’t find out the reason of writing. Well yeap my English skill isn’t perfect then for raising up the level, I must effort to practice it but didn’t want it. But now I feel it’s okay.

Actually I didn’t know why we have to write. Wherever they are. Writing down about ideas, emotions or everything whatever we want. But now I can see the writing has a lot of benefits no matter what kinds of content it is. 

Adelaide, it’s lovely city but has been cruel for me.

I am a working holiday maker who needs a stable employment. But this city requires students visa holders. Yeah they prefer longtemps workers as them. I totally understood about that reason so I do not blame or complaint about it but I’ll move to other state. Brisbane. Because there are good farms with these seasons. Besides good money.

We have a good plan for it. Actually gonna study for IELTS band score. My goal is to get a success to adjust on international lifestyle. Because I don’t satisfy to live in domestic life as a small frog in a mot. Life is amazing, world is huge. Keep learning, watching, exciting and meeting good people are very vital for a life. So am on the way.

I can’t sleep now. Since realized writing is really boosting our quality of life. It’s good realization that I begin to aware writing helps oneself.

Boosting creativity, understanding and the way of thinking. It helps a lot.

 Ezbook2 from gearbest.
Well my rating is 3.5/5. Speed is not bad but comparison with my gf laptop LG one, it’s slow. Even the graphic isn’t fine. But if your budget is too tight and have good patience to wait the mall’s delivery service as 1 month, it’s not that bad. 

Rather by the laptop, I met my miracle with writing skills. Writing habbits. Ah and as one of reviewer left, the inconvenient is one more, as the delete key button is too nearby turn off button on left above side. 

Of course you might be adjusted after some mispress. That’s negotiable. The price was around 250 aud $. Including 1$ delivery fare.

But as the above of blue screen, if you keep turning on chrome for 5~6 Hours, it may shows up that glitch. Fortunately, it disappeared after rebooting. 

I am not a early adopter or IT machine lover, but just need to seek information for alive in this Australia working holiday journey.

I am not a early adopter or IT machine lover, but just need to seek information for alive in this Australia working holiday journey. The laptop is useful.

Anyway we gonna move to stantsof. I am not sure the region name is right like that. But just hope this journey leading positive and bright way.


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