My Australia Working Holiday D+107 : Learned biggest lesson – Wait your soul by doing nothing.

I’ve learned important lesson.

It’s about to do nothing. Caring soul by stopping from everything. As silence offers a spiritual emotional recovery together. I’ve found the way how to be calm and emotionally stable. This is enormously helpful. For being happiness.

I was unstable with my emotions. During almost whole life-journey, had to fight to control my emotions. 

They were usually rough. My emotions. They were angry horses but must hold. When I was in PARIS a guesthouse as a staff, even fought with a host. That stresses were out of control. Too tough.

Even when I was a teacher as well. Of course I have loved my students but not a service worker though she did like a professionally good. Better than me sometimes.

Those many struggles…

Fortunately I could understand why American native Indians used to say that quote,

 we often mist stop and wait our soul while running on our way of life. 

They believed that they must wait their soul which is behind and retarded while their journey. If they rush a journey without caring it, they known already what’d happen. He might encounter spiritual troubles.

Should care your soul as indians do, stop to do. Stay in silence.

Today was the day which have gotten that lesson, definitely.

I feel so happy with that adjusted lesson now.


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