My Australia working holiday+104 : Ho.. fortunately.

Ho…yeah I got good news.

I got some positive response from a commercial group. Hm… looks like a temporary position of cook for beginning racing event. 

Since my goal has setted as getting a permanent visa, I am not that much into some general events. I do not feel that anymore. 

And korean blog. There are number of information. Such as how to write successful cover letter or resume for passing through applying. Why I didn’t know that.

Even though I got many depressions… 

Yeah I had to follow senior experiences whom already succeeded their Australia working holiday. S.korea is one of country which got deplomatically connecting with Australia. So that reason, in S.korea, there are a number of knowhows which is amazely useful. 

I got totally depressed as to be blocked in front of a wall which is unable to pass through. 

Though I am describing as nothing it is, that moment I was too terribly disappointed. Because my all of applications have gotten number of negative responses back. Hu.. this gave me so much sufferings. I had to overcome this status but got stuckness without any solution. Totally wanted to dead. 



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