My working holiday Australia+103 : nah should I wait?

the laptop isn’t coming. 

I am not sure it may to be stucked among icebergs. Ha.. very worse situation but I have decided to see bright aside from every moments.

Because it’ll help me to be long life. No stress no crazy, then happiness.

Valentines D-day

She brought two vines and banana bread. So i gave her some hairbands which got from yesterday’s one day shift delivery job. The madam asked me to take her bands. She was a ribon store owner which sold variety sorts of accessories. My girlfriend liked my reaction which one hairband made her cute, so i told her it’s cute, then she held it for a while on her head. I have felt sorry but the accessory helped the sadness got down. Money poor. It’s my status at the moment. Wow… my self-esteem goes down.

I can’t let this go.

But not sure about where we should go. Second visa and money, they are our wishes. Then we have to find out manufacturer jobs. Because city jobs are usually for student visa holder. Their capacity to stay longer is working for good merits on employers, than just working holiday makers. Rather we should find out that 3d jobs. This is regretful but real which should to be accepted. Because if i were an employer, will do like that. Probably.

Brisbane and Perth, they are the places which have a lot manufacturers nearby.

But deciding to when is okay for  departure is one of question. Because we have to wait the laptop. Ezbook2 buha… time is gold. We spend out a gold so… that’s why I worked one day shift job yesterday.

The delivery company employer asked me again to work on this saturday. He liked my way to work. Just I hope that can get the laptop asap. Because grasp new appointment looks better then just keep waiting here for just a laptop.

I don’t know how I got this picture. But anyway in the delivery company truck with waiting to take the day shift salary

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