My australia wworkingholiday D+102

Time is running.

As we decided to go to Melbourne, I uploaded my notice which finds an one shift job. I have wanted to earn pocket money for save my budget. 

So I got a calling from delivery service job.

It’s 5 pm which contacts with the guy. He left a message on my number to ask 1-2 hours workings. He has promised that would pay to me as minimum wages. Minimum wage minimum wage…
Laptop is still on shipping out.

I would love it if it’s coming more quickly as I have to move out quickly as my budget is too tight.

Yesterday I thought, I should do nothing.

HECTOR AND THE FOUND FOR HAPPINESS. I watched that movie yesterday as usually I want to practice my English in daily. The movie asked me ‘Are you happy?’. I said ‘no’. Because my heart was too tired for being something. Yeah I pretended to do something or to be something. Just I needed to be myself. Or giving up to wish something. No matter what dream, I should hurt by myself. More than a dream, myself is matter. I got that realization then shed a tear. Of course I need to do what makes me improve, yesterday’s the movie inspired my heart. 

I am  not sure what exactly learned from the movie.


Where we have to go? This region has not many jobs and very competitive. Wherever I go, they want a candidate whom with student visa. Because they can stay longer with the work. So we just have to find out manufacturer jobs.

That’s why I have to find out that proccesing jobs through agency. Or should I go to other region? Yeah rather we have to move out to the perth region. Because there are a lot of manufacturers and farms. It’s good for getting a contact.


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