My australia working holiday D+101

I applied here my resume.

Nah actually

I don’t like write down my detailed daily to here. Because everyone can see me what I do. It’s awkard. But at the same time, I want communicate with people. then what can I do?

My needs.

We decide to go to Melbourne. Because there are more jobs. Not that competitive like this region. ADELAIDE. This is good city if you have enough talent and valid certification. Unfortunately, my teacher certification isn’t working in this country. That is one of problem. So I choose to work in restaurant…. this isn’t work as well. In this region, No one needs korean traditional kitchen hand. Mah.. even in processing jobs. Very regretful. So just I’ll go the neighborhood city. More chances. Coffee. Good opportunity.

Just matter is my laptop.

I have ordered that Ezbook2 through Gearbest, but the problem is arriving date. Because if I should move on other region, I should wait to the delivery’s arrival. So I jammed this house. I shouldn’t move on from here.

Nahh. Budget.

If I could find out one shift jobs, this wouldn’t worse…

If I bought a sachet bag, it called a problem

Typo’s bag looks nice. Good price as well. But the color diverse is shame. I need bright brown color for matching with my shoes.

I want to buy this model but other color as bright brown

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