My Working Holiday Australia D+99 : Love myself

​Every thing… unsure.

I don’t like this. I want to make something sure in mylife.

It’s up to me right?

It’s the me who would make that sure thing in his life.

It should be myself.

but, What sure will you make?

Job? life?

Whatever it is… It’s your choice.

Job, Life, Wife, whatever.

Your responsibility.

Why we have to follow it?

Because it’s important? it’s only thing that immortal even though I get passing through from this life. 
What is the matter at the moment?

I don’t know what I have to do

Prepare my future.

You will live as 100 years.

What you’re going to do for future?

About what? My interestings.

What is that?

Love, Life, Communication, Be productive, Useful life(what is that?)
What do you want to do SJ?

Want to learn.

For living better. no, living happy. with economically enough happy.

How can you do that?

Well MY wish is not like that actually.

MY wish is to be happy.

Good food, Good communication skills(English), Follow your dreams, Gain up your living skills such as Simplicity, IELTS, Wholesome Food. Healthy products. Mental happiness. Way to de-stress.
So my wish is to be happy.

My dream is to be happy wherever I living.

But South korea, I don’t know there is good place for living with happiness.

Because it consumes my liberty. To learn, To see, To feel.

I want to live more diverse respected society. but korea is not.
Diversity is very important in a society. because it means they respect people’s differences. The rate which argue the difference is wrong isn’t high.

We are different, so are right. Not wrong. That’s the matter. Because actually we are different. There is, must ruled as everyone is right, Every one’s right is right.

But the korea is not. It’s not yet. but other countries, it’s hard to be getting in. for living.

Living in Canada needs a lot of overcoming limitations. Such as an IELTS LEVEL, HIGH LEVEL SKILLS. 
High level skills.

yeah as I want to live as freedom, nomadic life, we have to know which skill exactly realizing the nomadic life. Nomadic life, it means I can go everywhere, wherever I can go, choose and decide. It means I need a minimal life. Because If I don’t have many possesion(Except only money), I can leave easily out from each stations.
I would love to make good station in my country. In PAJU.

Yeah then I get monthly salary with the house, I can go every where.

I have to clean by my hand the house. for monthly paying. That’s good and lovely Idea? Why we have to keep moving out? It brings other annoying. 
But what is that for?

Do simplicity?

Why you want to do that?

for happiness?

live happily. Happy feeling means glad, high, up, smile, light.

= Love myself

allowing myself to more liberty.

Liberty is happy.

Because It allows to go wherever else. It’s meaning that you are expanded with negative space.

Why I like liberty?

because I couldn’t get that while I have lived.

University, Army, Scores, It was shit.

It wasn’t that I really wanted.

but hanging with people, Good lovely people.
Love myself

– Offering something which make me happy for myself.

What is that?

– Good food. No articles, So tasty, Visually awesome,

– Lovely music

– Lovely talk about life as how to do more productive, How to do more happy, how to be more origin.

– Reading a book which helps you becoming more productive, something more useful and skill up.

– Knowledge about food, life, travel, love myself, etc

– Nutritional foodies, Vegans.

– Be among in them, vegans, nutrients. They want be more healthy.

– Give compliment yourself. As you do for others, as it makes them happy. Thanks yourself, Hug yourself, Compass yourself.


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