I think I got a job in Plant 4, bowden.

since I have known about Nutrient, I thought the owner is totally same mind as me. and He liked my energy. I think yeah, My contact was successful because he wanted to introduce to me even his headchef. The place looks amazing and such cook.

I would love to work in there.

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

What I need to do? Essentially? Rest. Sleepy. I want to study, whether it is English or Cuisine.


Too many unsureness. It’s sickness as well. Why I could get off this unsureness in every part? Well actually Life is unsure on every moments. Literally. Just my duty at the moment, Appreciating what I own now. Yeah. I need to be sure with his decision. I wonder how he could offer me a position in his kitchen. Though he told me that he likes my energy. Actually It is the synonym which will hire me soon? I don’t know so, I need to check it out. Then I need his number.

Even though I have written down here a lot, not sure this is necessary.

Of course writing helps to think. It bring better ideas. That’s the good one but.

I have to know what is highest one in my priority lists.

Phone call to the owner? Iliya?

But is that sure he will hire to me? I don’t know just I have to visit again to there.

I wasn’t sure and it was my mistake which didn’t sure about that hiring.

Even I told him about my interesting on his works but yeah I think his words meant that my trial will to be caught after the cafe’s opening.

I need to wait little bit. Yeap for… what? hm

I got two more arrangements.

I would like to expend my world.

By watching a movie which is very emotional and touching

What I supposed to do at now?

sleep, rest, eat, yeah after eating, I would take a nap.


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