My Australia working Holiday D+97

Nah the noodle wasn’t enough boilded. Why the noodle was so hard and longtime needed to be cooked

Everyday I check my email. But
There is no mail which is confirmed my resume. Ha this is breaking me down. But I’ll do keep self-compassion. Because I believe I could overcome this obstacles. I can do this. 

What is matter now?

Have to ready for today. This is morning just. Should go 4 restaurauts. Without any expectations. Just go then feeling with that. Plant 4 bowden, SAD cafe, and South Eastern in Adelaide City. I never have been there. 

What I have to prepare at the moment then?

Cleaned costume for visiting there, I’ll impress there about me to good. White shirt, deep blue slack. Hm. I wonder why restaurants don’t call me back. I think it may wrong with my references?Shouldn’t write down his number? Ahm… tired little bit. I am getting down again. Yeap but it’s alright just want to find out. It’s little bit sad.  But you’re great person. Whenever you are down, you raise up again. It’s alright. 

I am thinking about other works.

Not only kitchen job, maybe changing my applying field? Tiling or mobile repairing. They need workers.

What I have to think about?

My heart. Sad, stuckness. Headache. What should I do? Understand them, visit them again, if they don’t hire at the moment, I will not giving them my Resume. I feel really horrible to their way which use the candidates resume for database not for hiring. That’s weird. In their shoes, that’s better but that’s the way which never care about candidates.


Sometimes it’s raining our life but we have to keep going on. Though sometimes want to give up. Because that’s the way of best. Whatever we do, should grit our tooth. Shouldn’t think every moment will okay. Even if I couldn’t to be hired? I don’t know. Well I could go the sushi restaurant. It’s like a insurance.

What doesn’t matter than?

Mm…love. Actually every moments are lovely. My youth 28th year of life. Keep failing. Challenging. No one could do this easily. It likes to be trained from this rough and tough life. Even in South korea it’s very competitive find a job. But the matter is we must keep going. Though everything seems as ain’t work. failures, trying, bumping, regretting, frustrating, sadness, they are coming when you do new thing. The matter is never giving up as Tomas Elbert said.


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