My australia working goliday D+96

That’s fine

I’ve learned a lot. Love myself, meeting a lot managers, could have gotten some confidence to talk with aussies. 

When I was in chaos or confusing myself, I couldn’t totally understand what they say but now I can. Feel calm, helping to open my ears and senses very well. It’s another reason why we have to love ourselves.

I have to keep find out good worthy from today. Because it’s my a day which has changed with my life. That’s the good way to love myself. Be soft for myself. Self-compassion.

Tomorrow I’ll visit four more restaurants for asking a job. Generally I am into a vegetarian cuisine since I have worked at vegan restaurant. To cater a meat making me to feel as to help that industry which is comsumism and harmful for whole world. So I couldn’t decide to work into that usual restaurant. Vegan food restaurant I have to find out or very organic or wholesome foodies only.

This is an experience which is making me to learn some about which is involving myself. To be improved? Though my wants are earning money. 
Love myself. Should be thinking some beneficial on myself. Because love to someone is like that. Genuine love. Someone said to me it is sacrificing for someone else not for myself. I am not sure. If we give up us then who cares me? God? In my case, I am not sure. That is last alternative way when we have no options otherelse. 

Anyway. I’d love to get my work. My sharemate told me about getting a job as mobile repairmen. But I am not confident with that kinds of machine job. Though it could offer an appointment for expansion of 2nd visa. But I am not sure. 

International life. I want to make up with it by cooking. Food is good method for living happy with people. For making party and sharing. Even for being healthy, it’s wonderful way to have known about it. But whatever I could try. 

He told me about a veggie processing job as well for asking to recruit. So maybe I could get that job if he successfully inquires with his that line. Everything up to my luck. But I must to do my best within never losing positivity.

My girlfriend makes me feel that I am not alone in this journey. So I felt so fortunate and gracious when I came back to home though I didn’t get any announcements from my applied restaurants. I don’t have a lot property, I have a reason why I must keep going. I want make her happy. 

I wonder what kinds of thing should I keep doing from now. Maybe just keep gritting tooth untill hooking up some results. I have to keep doing what I do. Will I regret at end of my day with these efforts? I want to find out really good restaurant which is really matching up with my ideas. 

Ever what should I do for better results? 


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