How to love myself?

This flower never giving up to blossom up, lovely and amazing

​Let you do as you love someone else.

Don’t compliment your outlook. But do for your inside.
You’ll try to know what he likes. When he smiles, when he happy. You must offer him those gifts.

You have to know when he gets happy himself.
Write down what you like as 3rd pointing view.

For example

– he likes to work out

– he loves noodles

– he is foodie

– he is sophisticate. He likes to write down something.

– he orients to be good people always. He is awesome.

– he always does his best no matter what he does. He is awesome. Wow.

– he is cute.

– he loves to say ‘Thank you’ always.

– he dances sometimes when he feels good. It is moments he is cute. 

– but your outside also okay.

– he loves friends. He has some great relationships.

– he wants to help weakness people, even he is justiceful. He is humanist. 

– he wants to be good person for every one. So he is always to be gentle and kind. The manner always be with him

– he knows how to express emotion by singing.

– he is authentic. He is himself. He wants to be original on himself

– he is self-improvement oriented person.

– he wants to be stronger than before. He is strong.

I feel okay after writing down about myself. I need to know what I do like and what kinds of strength do I have. 

I feel so okay after this writing down. Literally, feel better.

Why I didn’t know about this self-love skills? I didn’t know why this is matter and important. Sadly.
What is love of myself? I want to know more detaily about to do Love myself as you do love another. 
– Kind : Smile, forgive, hug, gracious, help.

– Effort : Development, compliment myself, You are enough already, hometraining. 

– Do not hurt yourself. You are precious. 

– Would you bite others nails? It makes ugly your hand. And if something good then you have to give yourself.
Just treasure things I have to allow for myself. That’s the way to love my own.
Do not tough yourself, 

Do not harmful yourself, 

Do not hurt yourself, 

Do not unkind yourself, 

Do not make yourself to be ugly

Do write down in white paper as talk with yourself, Mr writing’ll show you what do you want as mirror.

Do compliment your done

Do accept your emotions whatever you feel. It’s okay. No matter what this world taught us, it’s okay what you’re feeling now. We borned with to feel like this. It’s our authenthic. It’s our origine, it’s ourselve to be ourselve.
Everything is alright.
What we have to do so?

1. Love myself

2. Think about important

3. Follow my inner voice for being authentic. 

4. Being myself. 

5. Find out joyful moments. 

6. Build up and searching what make you happy.

Life is that. A journey.
Let’s find out what I like.

1. Challenging new. I need for feeling what I like.

2. Do whatever with holding a focus on your feeling. You have to realize what make you happy

2. Make a list what do you like. Then you’ll know about yourself better.

3. Focus on your innervoice and feelings. Those information’ll help you who are you and what you like. It’ll encounter you who you are. Because that make up with you.

4. Do 1.2.3

5. And then write down your journal for memorizing them. Writing is a mirror what your inner-side. If you keep looking into that mirror, you’ll get used to do what you like to do. That produces you more happiness.


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