My Australia Woking Holiday D+95

Mood gets down.
Because well I have to find out a job. Still need time for it. I don’t like this. Good jobs, that’s difficult to find out. Why? Because this city is too competitive. Small town but too many people. Well I should had to move to Melbourne because the city is big one in our options. But yeap I should practice my positivity. This is the moment or enjoy this little freedom. 

I don’t understand why my heart is getting down like this… I am exhausted with this kinds of pressures. We have to keep find out àn way. I feel gloomy with these everything.

Gearbest’s laptop, I wonder when it would arrive. 

Very sleepy and very tired. Yesterday, me and my gf got talk. It was at near the boundary of upsetting. But yeah we got okay. That’s gracious. 

Laptop, nah… I am not sure when it gets shipping on way. 

It’s still in the China warehouse. It’s difficult to wait that. 7 days already but it didn’t begin to send at all. 😦 

Here isn’t my country. My country’s delivery culuture is nah.. far better but that makes me sick at the moment. Because I have used that 2-3 days quick service. It’s terribly difficult to wait 25 days for laptop. Oh my god.

My gearbest order – Ezbook2  

My goooooddddddd.
What I need to do?


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