I am alright

Fortunately, I can control my heart. Life isn’t easy when I don’t control it. Because emotions are controling us but if we don’t aware the emotions, we become to be leaded by emotion not leading it.

That’s why writing and self-awareness are matter. 

I am sleepy.

My girlfriend used a mosquito spray right away. That’s so poisonous. So it made me to wake up. If someone knows how to kill mosquito through more natural way, please tell me. I am worry to be killed by this spray.

Maybe I have to keep contacting other hotels

Yesterday I confacted a sushi restaurant, then they told me my resume’s experiences are too much high for working their restaurant. Because they do only cook with almost precooked ingredient. Even sometimes they don’t need to work with knives. 

That wasn’t my expecting to work in. I have wanted to work as practice and increase my skills. 

Besides, the korean manager’s attitude wasn’t my expection as well. His way to talk was giving me an impression which wasn’t welcoming to me though his lip said that’d be nice for them if I work for them.

In the other hand, The sushi-bar contacting gave me some confidence as my career could be look so nice for someone. His that words gave me some confidence and the confidence became a resource which is able to challenge to apply at any hotel.

So I applied at some hotel.

Then one of hotel manager told me he might contact me very soon. He told that his restaurant just has lanched at the moment, so they got some cooks but needs more people in kitchen. So he might contact me. It’ll be great if I could be a hotel cook. As the previous my chef said, working in hotel kitchen make realize to work in abroad as a traveler which is my ideal life. Nomadic. Though nomadic life has bad aspects but that’s good experiences which is teaching a lot things. The experience would make me better one.

Some people say why you do travel and why that is necessary? I would like to answer that ‘because it makes you better people by encounting a lot of situations. You’ll have more wide sights about world, you’ll learn how you have to control that. It means your capacity will bigger and deeper. Becoming a useful one’. Trip make s people stronger.

Food manufacturing job.

I am going to a wholesale warehouse. I wonder if they’re hiring some position which is eligible with 2nd visa expansion. Manufaturing job isn’t bad with salary. If I could get that, could get over this status. I want to live internationally.

Everything is okay.

Even my feelings as well.

I think if I seek into woolworth board, I can find out more information. Maybe about fruit or veggie processing job. But it must eligible with 2nd visa expansion. How we know if they are eligible or no? Do I must believe their whole words? I need to sure with that.

 don’t know actually. I am thinking about her. Is that beneficial for me? Why I am thinking this? Just I am curiosity with that. Important is that I should focus on myself. My heart. My bucket lists. Would it be happy? If I keep maintaining this relationship? I don’t want a person who want to live as a domestic plant. This life isn’t easy.
Sometimes we get down. Then the spause should be a person who always encouraging me. Not do crazy. But yeah she cares me. 

Anyway I done some jobs 

Though I got some positive reponses from applying at Hotel restaurants, I think to take 2nd visa eligible works. In Adelaide city, there are number of Job recruitment Agencies. I think they can help me to link me with a profitable work.

Picking & Packer, Harvest, Vegetable processing jobs not disgusted works as butcher live-stocks or meat-processing works. Those meat processing is against with my will as a vegetarian. I must not help to producing a meat for community. That’s the way to contibute as make sick-world? I am not sure but just I like veggie so I should work as a vegan or vegetarian.

Anyway as my working holiday batch mates tell me, I should get a job which is eligible to expand 2nd working holiday visa. That’s better for look forward other opportunities as going to abroad university.

I have tried to find out some jobs.

Kitchen hand, hotel job, manufacturer, processing etc. But I feel sleepy. Because last night I couldn’t sleep well because of mosquito. 

One mosquito disrupts 2 people. Nah. How efficiently borthering.

While I seached a job, I found good restaurant. 

Nutrition republic? The name looks cool. Besides the cafe host seems very sophisticate. He fired my passion at the food more. It’s happy to know whom have same idea with me about food.

Food builds good community. 

Good food product processing helps to people to be cured. No matter what industries are, every things are just a tool. Rather that matter is what the person has sophisticating with the tool.

Very whole oriented foodie makes people healing but only poisonous and obsessing to earn about money, they makes people  and world get die. Pollutions, artificial ingredients occure to increase the birth of  handicapped babies. It makes people sad. Abusing animal, animal slaughters get sickness mentally and destorying humanity. Stresses by obesity. People’s bad desire make world to be sick.

So we have to see why we eat. It’s simple. It’s for happiness. To be happy. So we need nutrients for it. So we go to a restaurant and markets. Buy foods for happy. But the processing isn’t happy and good, the result and conclusion will show up unhappiness as obesity, healty problems. 

But the most sickness is that truthes which are people already knowing about the seriousness with the food. What they have to eat, what they should buy, they know it. But people choose wrong for pleasure. They don’t mind about justice and good. They ignore then just follow pleasure. 


No one perfect. They are doing as they are perfect. Even they lead nice car, great amount of property but they are imperfection. They do mistak, they do hurt but their feet is too high. It’s funny thing. Very funny. Even me. No one perfect but no one show up their imperfection or ashame. Yeah it’s correction. We are enough not perfect. That’s the matter. No one is lack. Rather just enough. We could happy at the moment by the reason. Some people think they’re imperfection and lack. But if something could be called a perfection, that needs a standard. Could we set a standard for everyone? The degree of beauty? Degree of difference? Ha. No one could do that. We are enough.

I feel like to find a good life quote at the moment. We really do not need to be better. Because we can say that we’re enough. Because there are no right or correction. We are just enough by ourselves. Sufficient. Whatever you’re or no matter which form you are, there are no correction. So just to be sufficient with yourself. Take the satisfaction from being yourself. We don’t need to other eople’s assessment or judgement. No matter what they say, our exitences are that our existences. Couldn’t be replaced. Really? Then nope? Truely yeap. 


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