​Hu.. its not easy.

 I wanna find out good position of job. High rating Mediterranean cuisine not anymore asian cuisine. That’s hard. I wonder which job could I get. Well, of course for being international, work as a cook is appropriated option and choice. But this city is too competitive. My english its okay, somehow I can understand though their speach isn’t comprehensive. Maybe my listening isn’t enough though my writing awakes senses. Job job job…. if this is too much hard, i have to go The melbourne. Because there are more jobs than here. I don’t need to compete in small town. It’s useless. Rather just wanna go some deliberated place.
Manu said the Sydney is too huge as a mega city but Melbourne isn’t that bad.
Anyway that is very good what my eureka is very useful and practically beneficial. I mean my writing, it has healed my pressed head. De-stress. Yeah i wondered how the brain gets recovery from stress. Rather i need to know the stress mechanism for using well the writing skills. Why stresses make people sick and disfunctional as I did? Failure in kitchen. Lack with memorial functions. Miscommunication with co-workers. Wow if I keep writing down my failures, ill be lose my self-esteem. Well.
I believe to choose a place is really important in get hired. Because the enviorment where i work in would influnce on me. As what I’ll learn or would be influenced in subconscious. Co-workers attitudes. Their culture and subconcious. That influence is scary for choosing. That’s the one of reason why I liked to work in vegan restaurant. Because they were strong and healthy about life with work. And never wanted to harm to people. Always smiling with caring. They have been always kind for me. They want to live as a peace-maker. That was beautiful experience working with them. So it influenced me as make me dislike to eat meats. 

Well I was that being as a peace-maker as well with my job secondary special education teacher. 

I wanted to show up some inspirational moments by raise up my handicapped students. If they get overcoming their own obstacles physically and mentally, I thought it makes people get motivation or inspriations within good influence.
Important is following to be happy. Valuable way. Smiling with people. Healthy life. That’s the matter. So we should input the each factors which builds the healthy life should put into our moments or choices.
What should I think? Feelings. Thinkings. My feeling. Wow. It’s awesome. I thought something but forgot. Um…. I have a lot thinks. 
My needs : Money, working, vision, reading.

Wishes : minimalist, learning good skills.
The vision, Where it comes from? Thinking. Restaurant. 
I want to know why we need to destress. Yeah googlging it.


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