​So what can i do now? My heart. It got too much troubles. But now i am okay. I could find out a job. Depression it wasnt good for me. But i have to go forward. Yeah I could cut better. Its a big improvement. What I can do now? Find out a job? My heart… yeah but its okay. I have his reference and restaurant lists. 
Which restaurant should I apply?

Beneficial-high salary, teaching, etc and good environment as good coworkers maybe vegans. They are good people usually.
Already i worry about huge investments. Its alright. I am gonna get a job soon. Because I have a reference, a resume and good knife skills and attitudes. I could learn very well.
Hm yeap so. Yahhhhhh. Damn it.

So what is my next step? Which way should i go? Farm? Resto? Other jobs? But yeah resto is my liking. That makes me more useful. Of course thats not easy. But exactly that point makes the job to be attractive. Its very hard pressure job so unable to do everybody. Some of a few people could access that. That is kinds of attractiveness. It makes me feel to be rare and special. I usually liked to be like that. Because if i am same with others, where is fun? The speciality. I like it. I want to get that. Yeap i want to be special.
Important is that i shouldnt give up. Grit your tooth!

Nah. There are not many restaurant where wants hire some cook at the moment. Hm… 


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