​Am I happy? Nope. Why? Because the work isn’t fun. Why? Money that’s not much. I need a lot money. For what? For selfdeveloping. IELTS.
Living is… miserable without money. Even though I do my minimalism, not enough.
I dont need to talk about my life, too much personaly. I dont need it. I dislike it. Rather just I have to buy some stuffs. 

Everything is ok. Just I wanna find out next steps. I need money. Work. Then have to find out from Adelaide focus, Gumtree, Seek, etc. Need to googling. 
Writing is going to survive. I think i have to write down by english. Its better for reminding my english words in my memory. If keeping to use korean, that makes sense to forget my english. I never want it.
Think. Actually i am not sure what i have to do but yeah english owner job is better. Not better its necessary. And vegan job? Could be really good. I should ask there as well. Hillton hotel? That could good option as well. Because for availability with moving out internationally.
Blogging. Its okay as using a diary. Ill feel more comfortable for it. Not for only incoming. Thats worse than just using as a diary. Then this interview is an option just. For making money. I dont know how much will i work with it. But i need to increase my time with english.
Feel sad. Huuu… have to find a good job. Which is salary is upper minimumwage.


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