WHA, Already spent 3 months

Wow super annoying.

I don’t know what to do.

Rather I need to get a second visa expansion?

Mushroom picking work, It looks better.

Not much hard labor, stable incomes.

But I need a car, It is the important.

rather I could choose to be a cook in this region.

Would I satisfy it?


Nah… really not sure what I have to do.

If my WH were finished tomorrow, what you’re going to do? Sailor, retailor? Yeah because I can keep talking with customers, humanly I can contact with people.

Work in Kitchen is not my type. That’s awful.

Retailer. I never have experience about that job. Rather it could be a challenging if I try to do it. Nah. Rather… it’s better to be a disability services officer. Hm… 

Yeah but i want to find out which jobs are fitting to me. My wishes in a job isn’t that much. Just want to work as a human. Talking and joking. Humanism. That I persuit very well. But I am not sure that I could find it nowadays. Yeah. Very boring. But the reason… what is that? Maybe my communication skills ain’t that perfect or my environment’s people ain’t friendly for me. What the hack.

What’s wrong with them at all. Boring boring boring.


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