After reading : Want to live in emptyroom

I read a book. The book, it’s about a minimalism. I am not sure how I could be closer at this mindset, like this so easily. I think, my girlfriend, she is the fundemental reason. 

She has been always to pursuit about productive life. Such as ‘how to get poductivity, how to get success, how to put myself belong success-oriented person. Well, at first we weren’t this kinds of success oriented people, at least I was. Because I thought the best important for living isn’t ‘success’, ‘but Happiness.’. Yeah. Even though we take a huge wealthy, what if we keep unhappiness, what is the benefit of success?

But, so fortunately, I am the luckey man. Because I could see what is the really way to permanently be happy. The happiness, It’s related with other previous postings, Minimalism, Simplism, that’s the way to be happy, untimitely.

This book, of course I had read it because it is my girlfriend’s book, but she doesn’t read a English written book yet. So it is Korean version about minimalism. 10 minimalists in Japan, their lifes are introduced through this book.

The beautiful lesson what we could learn from this book is, we can learn how to expend our freedom from this complicated modern life. Even this society requires to be a slavery by mass media blinder, complicated issues, a lot of information make us lose our innerpeace. But this minimalism only focuses on what we have to do or want to.

I lived in South korea, the concept of minimalism was not common. Rather very expensive brands, stuffes were a proud for bringing. Besides, if someone doesn’t have that expensive material they ignored. It’s my clichè about my country’s basical usual aspects. Materialism. But this book, mindset is totally curing for this disgust. 
Why we are living? Because we want happiness. To die? It’s not happy, sad, sufferful. It’s totally against our instict. I know why we should wonder about freedom. It’s giving us some chance to be happy. As tremondous philosophical speakers said, we got birth with original freedom, liberty. But social media, mass media, the people who has power, they want control to us by infomational tricks through our gargets. TV advertisement, Facebook ad, online, all of modern media, they broadcasts for injecting the tendancy which is making people more consume. The powered people wants get more money. Their way is killing our freedom.

Minimalism is beautifully ultimit way for surviving in this consumerism world. I’d love to read other books about simplicity and minimalism more. I wish you guys can see this mindset can really make you free.

What is matter in life? Money, time, friends, family. They are matter for our only one life. But we have to get a job and better money, have to keep busy. The cicle consumes our freedom. We need to hold our freedom. 

What should we do for that deliberated life?


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