Start Minimalism

It’s so lovely to know


Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus


Just started it, though Today is Australian holiday.

Even I didn’t go some outside.

I have hung out with my GF or just Self improving things as watching TED, Reading some articles about Minimalism, Veganism. I feel like to walk to very lovely way for myself and life.

It makes me really feel better.

My girlfriend told me about A book ‘L’art de simplicite by Veronica roro’41epVr5A8gL._SX348_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

 I didn’t want to read it first, but I wanted to understand why she has the book. I believe reading the book will help for understanding my GF. That’s why I first stepped into a minimalism.


I didn’t know what this book says at first. but I thought this is working while I keep reading this.

Simplicity helps to cure people who need to more freedom for their life which is stolen by modern complicating society.

And this philosophical movements are helping to cure whole world. Consumerism makes whole world get sickness. As more waste, more pollution, energy wasting, Not much freedom, ugly.

This modern society and mass media just kill to whole world. I think we should vaccinated by Simplism with Minimalism in every life aspects.

Lessen labor hours, Lessen product meats/sugar/fats, Lessen consumes, Lessen relationships.Simplicity.jpeg

That will make people to be free.

And When you apply the principles of Simplicity, It beautifies your article.

Simplicity and Minimalism is Art for living beautifully. 


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