what is the feeling of Beauty?

I wrote down my ideas for clearing. But I got this accidently.

What is the feeling of beauty?

I dont’t know what should I answer If someone askes me , ‘Why you wonder that?’.

Well I am the seeker who head into my wonders. Because I believe that makes be myself. That makes difference with others.

Back into the first question, why we feel something as ‘Beauty’ when find a looking good or ethically nice things for example, as Kindness, Gentle and manner, etc.

Just I feel curiosity about what is that the feeling of beauty. More instictly, fundamentally.

Maybe I have to googling more, but If you have any ideas, please comment below with open-heart.

Thank you.


P.S I found an answer by a professor in TED.

Look into Darwin theory of Art.

Thank you.


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