Why a S.korean blogger moved to WordPress from NAVER?

Wow I feel amazing!

Just I wanted to test how this is going but

Yeah totally works very well!

I wonder what should write down at here because I don’t really know it.

My reason to start a blog is for becoming better myself.

I feel unsure when no write down but when I do writing something, can feel sure and obvious. Important is I starting something on New stuffs. Always new challenge have given me good results no matter what form was.

We know when we have to challenge or get out from comfort zone, we get something better.

That is one of reason why I begin this blog.

I used with NAVER blog

because I was a South Korean who can Hangeul-Korean Language. NAVER is most popular platform for making a blog in Korea. It is the biggest mega-engine in Korea unless you can speak 2nd langue as English or French.

But NAVER’s blog system is not that wider than WORDPRESS because when even someone tries googling, NAVER doesn’t catch the googling’s result. Google could find out a NAVER searched results but NAVER is unable to show Googling’s result.

Yeah, NAVER is not that better than using Google. I can guarantee that.

Even though Koreans-including me-has high proud about his nationality should admit it.

Rather that is obvious what the Google is understandably better than NAVER because Google is bigger and more international than just NAVER.

Anyway, I’d love to say that I want to develop myself with starting this blog because I believe keep writing some articles better. Writing is making to clear mind, focusing on a core, showing a nice way that I just have to follow.

writing is strong에 대한 이미지 검색결과

I usually do mind-mapping. I believe that brings an well-focused mind, new ideas, show to me what I have to do for next then I thought I need to do some more productive activities or something which is making me do more productively. Yeah Productivity, That is my wish to achieve.

Besides, I want to improve my writing skills for preparing the GREAT test, IELT because I want to live as an international life. If I finally get the good banding score within it, I can get more opportunities. E.g, I can be an English teacher wherever I go if there requires a teacher more have, If the place’s requirement about English teacher is a lot, I could do that.

learning english is better life에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Even in S.Korea, To know how to speak English is very powerful ability no matter what thing you want to grasp. You can be a personal English teacher who wants immigration and as much as you have higher-scores, they will course response higher cost for your lessons.

And I want to connect with people all around world, not only with Korean speakers.

World is very WIDE. Even we cannot sure what we can discover or encounter at soon. As much as I expose myself to world, for open new opportunities by starting a blog. I know this is a communication tool and as we know Good things are coming from people. We should make wider our contact boundary with others.

I believe like that.

So! Feel free to reply or try to communicate with me.

I’d love that.

and wish your life going very well as well as I wish that on my life.



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